Hiring Trends to Watch Out for in 2015

In the year 2015, employers will shift their focus in a number of ways when it comes to taking on new talent. The rise of social media marketing, IT development, and freelance interest will heavily reflect the attention many companies will experience in the coming year. While no drastic changes to hiring are foreseen to take place, existing hiring methods will evolve and expand.

Top Things to Look Out For in 2015

Here are some of the ways hiring mangers will reach out for new talent:

IT Hiring Will Rise.

With companies moving into the Internet arena on a daily basis, it’s no wonder why 2015 will see a rise in IT employment. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the Internet is one of the best marketing tools today, and having an online presence is extremely helpful for attracting business and top talent. IT departments will continue to grow throughout 2015 with an increasing emphasis on web development and social media marketing.

Mobile and Social Networking Will Aid Recruiting.

Rather than relying solely on job sites to attract talent, companies will be using targeted marketing on social media platforms to bring in top candidates. General job boards often attract candidates who are ill fitted for the position, whereas social media can directly target job seekers who fit the job description. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn will see more activity on the part of hiring managers in 2015.

More Contracting.

Employees have been continually focusing on contractual work versus full-time employment. Many job seekers today seek the freedom and flexibility that comes with freelancing. More companies will be accepting more contractors in 2015 while still taking on full-time talent in order to fill in the skill gaps that are experienced from time to time.

Hiring Will Focus More on Skills, Less on Education.

The skill gap will continue to widen in 2015, as many college programs are still unable to equip students with the proper skills that will help them to succeed in the workplace. College universities and companies will feel the need to work together more closely to help students succeed in their goals. Companies will also focus more on ability rather than education alone for the hiring process.

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