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4 Things Every Admin Resume Should Have

Securing a position in the administrative industry isn’t always easy, even for those with a wide range of experience and knowledge of the field. Simply tailoring a resume and including specific talking points may be helpful for increasing one’s chances of landing an admin job; however, a resume needs careful crafting and attention before sending… Read More »

Having the Time to Find a Job Means more Money

A recent study by the New York Federal Reserve has found that job seekers who are already employed get job offers worth 23% more on average than those without jobs. The study pointed out some of the reasons why this might be true. Over time, a  candidate’s skills could lose value while they’re out of… Read More »

The Most Important Candidate Screening Processes for Your Business

Expanding a company almost always translates to increasing staff size, a business move that can prove successful if accomplished through proper screening. The importance of screening potential candidates for any position can never be understated, as it is this process that separates motivated team members from sluggish and less-than-ideal staff members. While no screening process… Read More »

The Best Gear to Keep You Safe on the Job

In the light industrial workforce, there are certain hazards that come into play that may interfere with the successful completion of necessary projects. While these hazards are often rarely seen in the workforce, they still require proper care and precaution. This is where Safety Threads come in, helping to reduce fire and chemical contact to… Read More »

Why Working with a Staffing Agency Counts when You’re Stalled

Everyone who has ever been on the hunt for a job knows the search can get you down. It takes time to find all of the places that are hiring, more time still to send resumes or contact hiring managers. It’s a often a job in itself to keep it all organized.  It doesn’t always… Read More »

Look Ahead for 2018

With the New Year everyone is setting new resolutions for their career and job. These resolutions are not always met with the same enthusiasm that was put into dreaming them up. Set a goal this year instead. Goals are more achievable because they rely on implemented strategies that can be achieved in small increments. New… Read More »

How to Find Out If You’re a “Fit”

When it comes to hiring, culture fit is just as important to screen for as skills fit. A candidate who is capable of doing a job may not perform well in your environment, or may disrupt others from doing their jobs well. To ensure a great hire, determine which values you want to see in your… Read More »

3 Reasons You Should Use a Staffing Agency at Your Facility

Managing a business requires focus, determination, and enthusiasm; key ingredients that are essential for creating success. But it also requires a motivated team to act as the backbone and to support the everyday operations. Employees drive a business forward, helping a company reach a facility’s goals and business mission. Creating that team can be difficult… Read More »

Advice You Never Hear

A recent Quora thread, “What are a few pieces of unique career advice that nobody ever mentions?”, offers someting you don’t get everyday: career advice you’ve never heard before.  What follows are five excellent take-aways from that thread gathered by Business Insider.   1. “Understand when people see you check your phone at every call, then don’t answer when they… Read More »

The Value of a Manufacturing Job Today

While the number of manufacturing jobs may have declined over the last century, that doesn’t mean there aren’t still good paying manufacturing jobs available.    Changing Time, Changing Jobs Just as it always has, the kind of work we do changes. Less people farm today than 1,000 years ago and there certainly aren’t many lamplighters… Read More »