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	             Sentech Services, Inc.
                  Providing Quality Employees


Why Use Sentech as your Staffing Service?


Save Time

Why spend time searching through piles of resumes and conduct  lengthy interviews when  you can make one call to Sentech?  Sentech recruits, screens and manages employees for you.


Save Money

Sentech bears the financial burden of hiring.  We pay for all recruiting sources, employee screening, employee benefits, Workers Compensation claims, Unemployment Claims and payroll expenses. Use the Cost to Hire Calculator to see how much it costs you to hire employees without Sentech.



Sentech offers flexible Hiring Options that are tailored towards your staffing needs.


Recruiting Services

Sentech has access to many Recruiting Sources to quickly locate quality employees.


Employee Screening

Sentech conducts thorough Employee Screening to assure that only quality employees are placed at your facility. We offer a unique 3-Step Screening process.


Employee Management Services

Sentech manages all employee benefits, Workers Compensation claims, Unemployment claims and Safety Training.  A Sentech On-Site Representative can be provided for your facility.


How Sentech is Different than the Rest

3-Step Screening to Ensure Reliability of Employees

Immediate Health Insurance for Employees

Direct Deposit

Long-term, Experienced Recruiters


Call (248) 645-1800 or email Sales@sentechservices.com to learn more about Sentech’s Services.


Or request an employee using the Employee Request Form.