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	             Sentech Services, Inc.
                  Providing Quality Employees


Flexible Hiring Options


Sentech offers flexible hiring solutions to meet your staffing needs.



Sentech recruits employees for a short or unknown period of time to fill the position of full time employees (medical leave or vacation) or to help during busy times (seasonal or special project).

· Sentech can quickly fill your openings with pre-screened employees.

· Sentech attracts candidates by offering immediate health insurance.

· Sentech manages and pays Unemployment once the job has ended, reducing your costs.


Temporary to Permanent

The Client has the option to “try out” the employee for a negotiated amount of time before assuming the risk of hiring.

· Sentech incurs the cost of recruiting and the employment liabilities.

· The Client is not obligated to hire the employee if they are not satisfied with their work performance or if their workload changes, decreasing liability and turnover.


Direct Placement

Sentech recruits, screens and presents only the best candidates to the client.

· The Client saves time and money by having Sentech do the recruiting and screening.

· The Client hires candidates directly onto their payroll.

· The Client is billed only if Sentech provides a candidate that is hired.


Employee Leasing or Payroll Service  

The Client employs a percentage or all of their staff through Sentech.

· Sentech incurs all costs for recruiting, employee screening, hiring, firing, employee benefits, Workers Compensation Claims and Unemployment Claims

· The Client can focus on managing the productive aspects of their business and not on employee administration.

· Sentech can offer better benefits at a lower cost due to their greater number of employees.


On Site Employee Management

Sentech will provide a Representative to work at your facility to manage Sentech

employees. The On-Site Representative:

· Is supported by local Sentech offices to recruit, interview and prescreen employees for your facility.

· Manages your attendance policy, timekeeping and payroll.

· Conducts orientations, safety training and prepares ID badges.

· Audits and reconciles billing issues, provides reports and employee reviews.